Pearl Restringing in New York

New York City is one of the most popular places to buy jewelry in the world – but did you know that it’s also one of the best places to have your jewelry repaired and upgraded?  Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Diamond District, Pearl & Clasp is a nationwide (and statewide) leader in pearl restringing and design services.  Our professional team is trained not only to strengthen your existing pearls but to locate perfectly matching pearls for anyone who wants to lengthen their strand or turn a single strand into a piece with multiple strands or to order a new piece to match a pearl strand that they already own.  Looking to do something special when you restring your pearls?  Why not choose a stylish clasp that can dress up your pearls for a night out or can be hidden during your workday?  Pearl & Clasp is proud to offer free pearl restringing for an 18″ strand with the purchase of any new that costs $100 or more.

Using FedEx because of their reputation for reliability and security, Pearl & Clasp can arrange for your pearl jewelry to be picked up, delivered directly to our headquarters and returned safely to your door, whether you live in Chautauqua or Long Island.  Of course, we’re always happy to meet our customers in person, so if you live nearby or happen to be planning a vacation in New York, we’d be happy for you to stop in and drop off your pearls personally. Please contact us to make an appointment.  Let us help you restring your pearls today!

FREE 18" of restringing with any $200 clasp purchase​

We are happy to offer free restringing with the purchase of a clasp that is over $200 ! Choose from our large selection of clasps and get 18" of free restringing when you purchase any clasp $200 or more

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