Heart Flower Clasp for Pearl Bracelet


Diamond Weight: .32ct
Clasp Size: 21 MM
Metal Type: 14k White Gold

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Truly a one of a kind piece, this Pearl Bracelet Heart Flower Clasp is a stunning addition to any pearl bracelet.

An art-deco, antique style bracelet clasp, this piece is made of diamonds and is designed in a vertical shape.

When paired with a double stranded pearl bracelet, this piece has the capability to transform your whole look from average to extraordinary.

The beautiful sparkle of a the .32ct diamonds stand out ever so elegantly against the winsomely white and delicate pearls, for a sophisticated look.

This Heart Flower Clasp is made of 14K White Gold for that delicate and graceful look.

Measured at 21mm, this clasp is the perfect size for a multiple strand pearl bracelet.

Whether worn with a simple black dress or the infamous wedding dress, this bracelet is sure to radiate a truly stunning look from beginning to end.



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