Workout Style Ideas

Working out is tough stuff, and staying commited in this heat is especially challenging. Of course, feeling and looking healthy is a major reward, so we do our best to stick with it despite the sweat. If you’re like us, you might find cute workout clothes and other gear totally motivating. We think you’re lying if you say those workout clothing ads don’t appeal to you. Seriously, everyone who works out likes to think they look that chic while at the gym.

While reality does limit one’s ability to look that great while working hard, here are a few tips to keep your look stylish and interesting throughout your workout routine.

1. Try patterned tops. Most people go for solids when they shop for exercise wear, but there are some really cute options that are a bit more unique. We love floral and animal print styles!

patterned tops
2. If you’ve got flaunt-worthy abs, try a cool sports bra or crop top instead of a plain old tee. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and keep at it!

crop top sports

3. Neutral, dark colors are often used in sports clothing, so bright colors will make you stand out and feel more confident. Neon shades of yellow, orange, pink or green are excellent choices. If you’re not sure you can pull them off, try them out on your feet first with brightly colored sneakers or even shoelaces.

colors shoes

4. Show off those legs! It is HOT outside, so instead of wearing leggings or yoga pants, let your legs breathe in some cute workout shorts. These come in all styles and colors and make a great addition to any workout wardrobe.

workout shorts

5. Don’t skimp when it comes to your gym bag. This is such a fashion statement and can totally complete your look when you’re coming and going from the gym. Choose one that’s big and functional so you can store all your gear and a fresh outfit, with small, safe pockets to store your watch or jewelry while you work out. This way you can put your earrings or necklace right back on when you leave the gym looking fresh, confident and healthy!

gym bags

What are your favorite items to bring to the gym?

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