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Why Should You Choose Freshwater Pearls for Jewelry?

Luxury jewelry is made with many different materials, such as gold, platinum, silver, and diamonds. But if you want a more modest piece that still has plenty of sparkle and elegance, look no further than freshwater pearls. These beautiful gems are created from cultured mollusk secretions called nacre on an oyster or pearl shell.

The Reasons to Choose Freshwater Pearls for Your Jewelry

Originally, seashells growing in the ocean or lagoon were used to create freshwater pearls. Today, cultured freshwater pearl farms in Asia (in China and Japan) and South America are the main sources of supply for all the world’s freshwater pearls.

So, why should you choose freshwater pearls? Let’s find out:

They have a splendid shine.

The dazzling lustrous shine of freshwater pearls is unmatched by any other gemstone. This polished sheen can be seen in the iridescent colors that appear depending on what angle you are viewing them at or in the changes in their color hue when they are rotated. They have a hard and sturdy form with no cracks or blemishes.

Available in various beautiful colors.

White, pink, and lavender are the predominant colors in freshwater pearls. Pearls with a white shade have light-colored nacre layers that appear translucent when viewed with a microscope. Their color ranges from a creamy white to an iridescent grayish or white with streaks of color appearing on the outer layer.

Pink and lavender are natural colors found in this pearl type. These subtle, pastel colors look beautiful and don’t fade with time. It’s also not rare to find these pearls in other natural pastel colors.

Black and chocolate brown freshwater pearls are also available but these are not natural colors. These shades are the result of organic dyeing.

Unique shapes.

Freshwater pearls come in all wild shapes and sizes that you can imagine. You can find them in the shapes of buttons, rice, coins, drops, and even potatoes. Because of their quirky shapes, they can easily complement creative and eccentric designer jewelry. The rarest of all is the perfectly round pearls, which are the most expensive ones too.

Survive everyday wear and tear.

If you are looking for a strand of pearls to wear every day, nothing can beat freshwater pearls. They can survive your sweat, perfume residue, dirty hands, and even hot weather. You can handle them roughly without fearing the loss of color or shape.

Value for money.

The biggest difference between freshwater pearls and other types of pearls is in their value. Freshwater pearls are more affordable than other types of cultured pearls. Also, they are not as rare or expensive as the opals, sapphires, diamonds, or rubies unless we are talking about perfectly round freshwater pearls, which are difficult to find.

Freshwater pearls can be obtained at a lower price because there is less demand for them than other types of jewelry.


The natural beauty and brilliance of these gems make them irresistible for any jewelry lover who appreciates those qualities. Their affordable prices make them a go-to choice for anyone who wants to keep their jewelry affordable and still look stunning.

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