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White Wedding Pearls

At Pearl & Clasp, we know that every detail matters when you’re planning a wedding. From the party favors to your dream wedding dress, the little things will make your day go from ordinary to extraordinary. Have you ever thought about incorporating pearls in your wedding in ways other than your jewelry? Here are some unusual but exciting ways you can use pearls on your wedding day.

  1. In your bouquet: Everyone knows a ribbon is a classic finishing touch to tie together your floral bouquet, but why stop there when you can use pearls instead? With pearls on your bouquet you get a bracelet and flowers in one, as the pearls will drape down your wrist in a classy and vintage style. Want an even more unconventional idea? Forgo flowers altogether and make your bouquet out of pearls or vintage brooches. The best part? You’ll get a keepsake to cherish credit:
  2. In your centerpieces: Since flowers and pearls look gorgeous together, why not include them in your centerpieces? Pearls will look great both on you and on your tables, so go bold with a pearl centerpiece that you don’t have to worry about wilting halfway through your wedding credit:
  3. In your hair: Pearls can be a great ornament for your hair on your wedding day. Whether you wear them on your veil, braid them into a waterfall braid, or use a pearl-studded hairpiece to pin up your up-do, you’ll look regal and breathtaking with pearls in your hair for your credit:
  4. Classic bridal pearls: We would be just plain irresponsible if we didn’t give pearl jewelry its own category in this post. Whether the pearls are for you, your MOH, or your bridal party, pearls are gorgeous and versatile, perfect for everyone in your wedding party.12 Strand Antique Diamond Necklace
  5. In your outfit: Today, many wedding dresses have embellishments with gemstones, crystals, and pearls. If all of that bling isn’t your thing, you can still add some glam with pearls to add a touch of sophistication your dress needs. A pearl sash or embellished shoes can be the perfect way to add some personality to your look on your big credit:

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to ways to incorporate pearls into your wedding, from decor to hair to fashion. Use your imagination and your wedding will certainly be one for the record books.

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