restringing pearl necklace

What Is the Best Method for Restringing a Pearl Necklace?

Pearls are a timeless way to accessorize and can be worn by anyone at any time. But, like anything else, pearl jewelry items will eventually need to be taken care of to keep them looking their best. Restringing your pearl necklace is the perfect opportunity to take good care of your prized pearls and give them an updated look that will add some spice back into your wardrobe!

The Best Method for Restringing a Pearl Necklace

Restringing is a delicate process that should be done by an experienced person to ensure the safety of the pearls and avoid damaging them in any way. To restring your old pearl necklace, you need to have some tools and follow some procedures.

Tools You Need

  • A beading tray
  • Beading silk cord
  • A knotting tool
  • A big-eye beading needle
  • One or two small pieces of French wire

Procedures to Follow

Step 1: Cut the beads apart and collect all the pearls on the beading tray.

Step 2: The needle for restringing has one sharp point but instead of having a threading hole on the other end, it is split in the middle. You have to thread the silk bead cord into that split.

Step 3: The cord should be longer than the length of the necklace because you will be knotting between each bead. After threading the cord into the needle split, knot one end. Pull the needle through the clasp connector before threading the beads.

Step 4: Grab a pearl, slide it through the needle, and pull it all the way down to the end. Between each bead, create an overhand knot and tighten it by using the knotting tool.

Step 5: Repeat the previous step until you finish threading all beads. Cut a small piece of French wire (half an inch long) and slide it into the thread. Then, string the clasp and bring the thread back through the bead to create a French wire loop on the clasp. You can use French wire on both sides if you want. Finish off by tying the final knot. As needed, cut off the excess thread at each end.

Tips for Professional-Like Restringing

If you want to finish the restringing smoothly without scratching or damaging the pearl beads, following these tips could be helpful:

  • Always use silk thread or nylon wire when stringing pearls together. This will protect the surface of the pearls from becoming scratched or damaged during this process.
  • Use a needle with an eye large enough to accommodate the thickness of whatever thread you choose to use.
    Match the silk cord’s color with pearls for a visual aesthetic.
  • If your pearls are loose, secure the knots with a dab of clear nail polish to ensure they don’t come undone during wear.
    Start from one end and work your way up or down the length of the necklace until it is all knotted securely.
  • Tie on an extra inch for safety when cutting off the excess thread at both ends. Secure with a few drops of nail polish.
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