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On your big day every detail has to be accounted for. From top to bottom your look has to be flawless.  With that being said its super important to make sure your wedding jewelry works perfectly with your bridal look. And although, your wedding jewelry is considered a minor detail when compared to the dress or the photographer, it’s still warrants some much needed attention and thought.


But what’s a bride to do if she can’t afford those stunning designer earrings? Should she buy costume jewelry or  what? Well lets not get ahead of ourselves. We all love us some fun costume jewelry but not for your wedding day! Get real girlfriend. There are real tips you can use to help you pick out stunning wedding jewelry without having to sacrifice your style ( and your dignity).


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Wedding Pearl Jewelry-Classic Couture & Affordable

In case you didn’t see the topic of pearls coming your way… here it is. Wedding Pearl Jewelry, we’re not just saying it, is seriously the best option out there in wedding jewelry. Not only is it a classic and its beauty never goes out of style ( not even after the honeymoon), but there are tons of ways you can make pearls affordable. You can’t say that about diamonds.

Yes, we are talking about real pearls.


Restring Your Old Pearls

Almost every girl I know has herself at least one old pair of pearls her Grandma or Aunt got her for some big occasion. Whether it was graduation from 5th grade of from college, its rare that there’s not at least some pearls floating around somewhere in your jewelry box. Pearls remain a classic always but when they are hidden in the back of your jewelry box since 5th grade, its understandable they would feel old and out dated.

To re-design your pearls and add some more bridal glam all you have to do is simply restring your pearls. You can turn a bracelet into a necklace and a necklace into a bracelet. And if you’re looking to add some other gems to your pearls for some extra shimmer, designer clasps ( especially diamond clasps) work perfectly for bridal chic.







It may be hard to imagine the end result and to figure out the best design. Make sure whoever you take your pearls to that A) they are reputable and B) they have an eye for style. Just cause they have been restringing pearls for longer than you’ve been alive, doesn’t mean they’re gonna make your pearls look anymore glamorous. Look for a company that has the package deal.


Simply Pearl Earrings |

A lot of brides forget that wedding jewelry is definitely needed, but it shouldn’t be the main event. Sometimes the simplest pearl earrings are all that’s needed to tie the whole look together. Here are some stunning pearl earrings inspirations to get you going.









Next time you find yourself justifying that costume jewelry purchase for your wedding, think again! Wedding Pearl Jewelry is all the rage in bridal chic and your best bet for affordable style.

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