What to Wear to a Wedding

Here at P&C we love pearls (obviously!) and any occasion that lets us wear them. We actually believe that is any occasion, but no event is more perfect for showing off gorgeous jewelry than a wedding! The setting is so romantic and fancy, and everyone at a wedding always looks amazing. Sometimes it can be hard to choose an outfit when you’re not part of the wedding party, though, and that’s why we’ve compiled a handy list of do’s and don’ts. Check it out:

  1. Don’t wear white. No matter how casual the wedding will be, don’t wear a white dress unless specifially told to do so by the bride. No reason to risk an awkward, uncomfortable situation no matter how cute the dress is. Just choose something in a color or with a pattern, and save the white sundress for another party this season!
  2. Choose one “asset”. As a wedding guest, you want to look great but not steal the limelight. Make sure to keep your look classy and not to show too much skin. In general, the guidelines are as follows: low neckline- low hemline, or high hemline- high neckline. Summer nights can be chilly, so bring a pashmina for extra cover and warmth that won’t hurt your look.
  3. Accessorize. A great outfit option for a wedding is a simple, solid colored dress enhanced with great accessories. Don’t be lazy- include a hairdo, great makeup, heeled sandals, beautiful jewelry and a stylish clutch to create a look that seems both effortless and ultra-stylish.
  4. Don’t dress in the same colors as the wedding party. Seriously awkward, believe us! You’ll have people congratulating you all night, and you may stand out or even appear in an uncomfortable amount of pictures if the photographer confuses you with the bride’s best friend. If you don’t have enough intel before the wedding, play it safe and avoid solid colored dresses in popular shades like navy, purple and coral.


Just remember to dress up and look great without drawing too much attention to yourself. Be confident and sincere about celebrating the bride and groom, and you can’t go wrong!

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