How to Wear Pearls Every Day

It’s no surprise that here at Pearl & Clasp we absolutely adore pearls. There is truly nothing classier- they just have a magical way of enhancing every outfit without being overbearing. Unfortunately, most gals don’t have many opportunities to really dress up in a cocktail dress and pearls… So their gems are left unworn for way too long.

Well, we’re here to tell you that if your pearls are sitting sadly in a box somewhere, you are making a grave mistake. In fact, you can be putting your pearls to almost daily use. Today, fashion is all about mixing styles and creating your own look. All you have to do is pair your favorite pieces of jewelry with the right outfits.

Pearls are really complemented by a blank canvas. Wear some skinny jeans, pumps and a solid top to keep your look casual but neat, and add a mid-length pearl necklace for some added flare. Silk blouses, v-necks and even t-shirts can look great here! Step your look up a notch with a double strand like this one here.

50 inch white endless pearl necklace


If you choose an outfit that stands out on its own, like a patterned dress, stick with understated pearls like a bracelet or simple necklace. These will class up your style without adding too much ‘noise’. Similary, don’t pile on the jewelry. If you’re wearing large pearl earrings, wear a simple gold necklace, or just skip the extra pieces altogether. Pearls speak volumes on their own!


Be creative with your pearls! Don’t limit yourself to the classics (though those are stunning). Pearls come in many different styles, including chokers, collars and lariats. Try doubling necklaces, or adding them to an updo to really bring the drama.

When it comes to fashion, anything really goes as long as you feel confident and relaxed with your style. Think outside the box and create your own look, and you can’t go wrong! Whether you’re heading to your best friend’s wedding, the office or a night on the town, pearls can give your outfit the final boost it needs to really stand out.

What’s your favorite way to wear pearls?

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