How to Wear Ankle Booties

Ankle boots or booties are a season staple that you should really already be wearing. We’ve talked about them before, and they’re a true favorite because they are just so darn easy to wear, and not just during the winter! They make a great transition shoe as well, pairing well with light layers for spring (ahhh spring!!!) and fall. Chances are you’ve got a few pairs of these in your closet, and if you don’t wear them all the time, it’s probably because you can’t quite figure out how to make them look as flattering as they seem to be on Pinterest. You’re not wrong, it can be tough to make your leg look good with certain ankle booties, but with a bit of strategic styling you can take them from ‘meh’ to fabulous in no time at all!

Here’s what you need to do:

Make sure your jeans are tight through the ankle. Yep, the easiest way to wear ankle boots is just choosing a cute pair, tucking in your jeans and walking out the door. If something looks off, though, it’s probably because your jeans aren’t fitted enough down through the ankle, leaving some bulky, excess material bunched up above the shoe. This is a no-no! Opt for jeggings, leggings or tights to ensure that your leg looks long, lean and clean in your booties.

Consider exposing your ankle. A little strip of skin right at the narrow part of your ankle goes a long way at keeping your lines long and lean. Don’t worry if you don’t have any cropped jeans; cuffing or rolling the hem is a very popular trend right now and goes a long way for your look. You’ll look slimmer right away, not to mention the¬†boost it’ll give your style! If you plan to roll, stick to a skinny jean, as straight or boot-cut jeans may look chunky when rolled. If you like the cuffed look better, try to leave at least 2″ of material for a more flattering look. For a casual look, you may want to consider the half-cuff. Keep it slouchy and uneven by rolling them at different angles.

Add socks. A soft, thick slouchy pair of socks may also pair well with ankle boots if worn correctly. Keep the color neutral and wear them over bottoms that are very fitted, like tights, to keep your look from getting too bulky or weighted. Never bunch your socks over jeans if you’re wearing booties- save that look for boots that hit just under the knee, instead. Balance out this look with a delicate pair of earrings and some natural makeup for an approachable-yet-sophisticated look.

What is your favorite way to wear ankle boots?

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