Wardrobe Makeover Part One: What To Buy

Let’s say it’s the best season for style, and everywhere you look people are wearing the most enviable outfits ever. Magazines, billboards, TV shows and that super put-together coworker make you crave every cozy sweater, every pair of boots, every necklace and every nailpolish color that you can find online (which, of course, means all of them). Unfortunately though, your wallet and closet space can only allow for so many new additions this year. How do I choose, you wonder? What can I do to make my old stuff look more trendy than it actually is, you ask? We’ve got some ideas on both fronts!

Part One: What to Buy

First, consider the clothes that you have (and wear!), and make a list of these items. Try to pinpoint some basic, crucial pieces that your wardrobe is lacking. Don’t shop for a future event or a different season- try to come up with a list of things that are basically suitable for year-round use, but that will fill your wardrobe gaps now and allow you to better utilize the clothes that you already own starting today. For example, do you have a basic black shirt to wear under cardigans, dresses or sweaters? Write that down. Waterproof boots? A dress coat?

Once you’re ready to start shopping, think neutral colors and styles that can be mixed and matched with ease, like black, beige, pale pink and navy knitted tops, maroon or dark khaki jeggings, and of course the basics like solid dark and black jeans. When choosing specific items, choose things in a style that is timeless, but with a twist or an exciting accent so you don’t get bored, such as a peplum hem, crochet accents or an interesting neckline. Do you have many skirts? Corduroy skirts with buttons down the front are extremely popular this year, and look amazing with tights, short boots and knit tops. Consider other accessories that can be added to make an outfit more unique such as pearl earrings, scarves and handbags, and add those to your list.

Want to know what to do with what you’ve got now? Stay tuned for Part Two: Restyling Your Old Clothes!

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