Valentine’s Day Gift Wish List

Oh Valentine’s Day a day of total romance and chocolate. Such a shame its only twenty-four hours, who doesn’t love a totally chocolate fest?

But other than chocolate, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, whether with a special somebody or with your family and friends. And in honor of  all these happy, loving feelings, its only fitting that you get treated ( or you treat yourself) to something special.

If you follow our blog, you know we obviously are all in for the pearls. But its not just us! Pearls are a classic gift always, and especially for Valentine’s Day. With our 10% off Vday sale, you have way more options.

Here are our top picks for great and affordable Valentine’s Day gifts. Feel free to hint at your husbands/boyfriends, ladies!


Linear Drop Pearl Earrings- perfect for seriously any occasion. Paired with diamond circles, the pearls in this piece really pop. Not too shabby for only $75.

Rondel Pearl Bracelet- a classic pearl bracelet with a twist, these diamond rondels give this bracelet an extra pop of glimmer. A fabulous deal of also only $75.

Heart and Pearl Necklace– wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day wish list with out some heart shaped jewelry. This necklace is romantic and dainty but isn’t overly cheesy. At $120, doesn’t get more Valentine’s Day-ish than this.

Vday Wish List


Vday Wish List by hannah-60 featuring Linear Drop Pearl Earrings and Rondel Pearl Bracelet
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