Top 3 DIY Costumes for Halloween

We’ve still got two weeks, but there’s no time to spare! If you haven’t chosen a costume for this Halloween, you must do so THIS WEEK to ensure enough time to properly plan and execute the perfect outfit. As usual, if you’re just drawing one huge blank, we here at Pearl and Clasp have got your back with these trendy DIY costumes. We’re going to lay the groundwork, but make sure you add your own unique touches so that your disguise is one of a kind!

  1. Maleficent. We know, so three years ago, right? Wrong! Maleficent is really trending this year, and makes a creepy but romantic costume fit for any Halloween party! The toughest part is that set of horns, so make sure to set aside some time to work on those. You can use paper mache, duct tape and plastic cups and/or spray paint for the final look. Once you’ve got those, all you need is a black ensemble, a cape, if you can find one, and some killer red lipstick.
  2. A doe. Woodland creatures in general are all the rage, and a deer is an easy, feminine costume that you can whip up pretty easily. The most important part of this costume is the makeup, so spend a bit of time shopping around to make sure you get what you need. Add ears, a tail, a neutral colored outfit and some nature-themed earrings, and you’ve got yourself a great costume!
  3. A viking. Dressing up as Lagertha is basically every woman’s dream, and Halloween is the perfect opportunity! Look for leather accessories like a bulky belt, boots and a corset, if you can find one, then add a peasant blouse, leggings or pants, an assortment of weapons like knives, a sword and a shield, and tease your hair until its a fine mess. Add an updo, smudged makeup and a tough, determined look in your eye, and you’re a Norse heroine! Don’t forget the jewelry, to show off your latest raid!

What are you planning to wear this Halloween?

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