Titanic Era Fashion

The shocking death of composer James Horner, who is famous for his musical work in numerous films, has us reminiscing about Titanic. His music has become truly iconic, and he set a stunning backdrop for a movie that had us all in tears. His song My Heart Will Go On, sung by the glorious Celine Dion, is still featured in our top playlists.

From the music, our mind wanders to the gorgeous setting of the film, and of course, the fashion. Rose’s style in the movie was super romantic, and, as it turns out, pretty accurate. In the early 20th century, the Edwardian Era shifted into the Titanic Era. Fashion changed as well, with women’s shapes becoming more simplified by columnar corsets, as opposed to the curvier ones that were popular before 1910.

Like Rose’s red dress, Titanic Era evening dresses were usually made of soft fabrics like chiffon, silk or satin. They generally featured short sleeves and open necklines, as well as rich layers arranged to make a women look slim and erect. Lace and beadwork accents were very popular. Day dresses usually had longer sleeves, but skirts and blouses were also common.

Titanic Gown

Between 1910 and 1920, jewelry in the art nouveau style was the most popular. This included bead necklaces, brooches, buckles, pins and bangle bracelets. Colorful stones and pearls were a favorite, especially teardrop pearl earrings like these.

Art Nouveau Necklace Pearls

Last, but not least, are Titanic Era accessories. We absolutely love these, and they really bring the period to life in the movie. Some of the more popular ones include parasols, shawls and cloaks, gloves, belts, fans, purses and muffs. Headdresses, combs and tiaras were also quite fashionable.

Titanic Hair Comb

What periods do you think were the most romantic? And which had the best clothes?

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