Neutral Summer Tops

Summer Wardrobe Shopping List

Summer is here in full swing and it is HOT! We don’t know about you, but we’re finding it hard to get dressed in the morning without seriously repeating outfits, but our options feel sort of limited to our lightest, breeziest t-shirts. Shopping, you say? Yep, that’s definitely on the to-do list.

We’ve actually organized a summer wardrobe checklist to help with the process. Take a look, you might find it handy if you’re having a summer wardrobe crisis, too.

1. Neutral tees with interesting detail, like these, are extremely convenient. Mix and match them with some of the bottoms we’re going to mention, dress them up with some pearl earrings, and you’re basically set!


summer shirts


2. Well, basically. Nautical stripes are an absolute must have. Try something sleeveless or short sleeved to really capture the summer vibe, and get a striped cardigan too, just in case.



3. Chambray shirt. Uch, we love this one. Totally useful, can be worn buttoned up or layered over a cute sundress.



4. White blazer. This is super chic and can really add some sophistication to your look. Stick with white for the summer months, and darker shades for fall and winter.

white blazer


5. Basic cardigans are another must-have. These are great over a sleeveless dress or cute tank top, and are also super useful if the beach happens to get chilly on a windier evening. Cardigans look lovely with pearls.



6. Shorts. The essential summer bottom. Get a bunch: denim, solid colors, floral, striped and white. Paired with your basic, neutral tees, these will be your best friend this season!



7. Pants. Also critical, even if you think it’s just too darn hot out. Get ankle pants in denim, and another pair in a bold color. Then you need a pair of white, and a pair with a print.



8. Skirts! So feminine, so flirty. Basic pencil skirt in black or white, something with a print, a cute a-line (maybe striped?) and a trendy maxi.



9. And, of course, dresses! Nothing says summer like an adorable sundress. This season you’ll need something in lace, a casual, brightly colored dress, something with a bold print, and something dressy in a daring color.



So what do you think, did we miss any summertime essentials?

Until next time,


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