Summer Staple: Plain White Tee

When summer hits hard and it’s too hot to think about anything, let alone which shirt to wear, it’s super convenient to have a go-to option that looks great virtually anywhere and with anything. One such staple is the plain white t-shirt. Pretty basic, huh? Yep, but with a bit of clever accessorizing, your plain white tops are going to get you through the summer feeling cool and stylish.

Here are some combos you can work off of:

Plain white shirt+ patterned skirt+ bold shoes. Mix white with pops of color to create a unique and flashy look with minimal effort. If patterned skirts are not really your thing, you can also choose a solid colored skirt in an interesting shade or style, like an army-green skirt with buttons, or a pleated a-line skirt in a summery shade of blue. Be bold with your choices, and add color or flair with your shoes to really complete this look!

Plain white shirt+ skinny jeans+ chunky jewelry+ blazer. Blazer?! We know, we know, it’s too darn hot, but chances are you work in an office that has the A/C blasting for most of the day. Fight the indoor chill and keep your look sophisticated in-office with a handy blazer, then whip it off and join the casual sweaty crowd outdoors when you leave 🙂 Make sure to add some interesting jewelry or other accessories to take this style up a notch.

Plain white shirt+ colored bottoms+ ballet flats. Ever wear your shirts tucked in? Now’s the time to try, because tucking in that plain ol’ tee will really make you look like you’ve got style. Go all in for a more formal look, or try a half-tuck for something a bit more in between. Ballet flats in a unique shape or color (think: striped) will really tie this look together.

Plain white shirt+ maxi skirt+ belt. Keep things easy, breezy and cool with a lightweight, feminine maxi skirt. Tuck in your tee and add a belt to finish this style off with some pizaz. Don’t forget some earrings or dramatic bracelet for a final touch.

What are your favorite ways to wear a plain white t-shirt?

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