Style Formulas for Every Occasion

There’s no denying that our clothing choices matter. A person’s wardrobe reflects their personality, moods and lifestyle, and serves as an effective tool to communicate with others in a simple, natural way. Chances are, you have already developed a signature style, be it a product of much deliberation or simply a result of your everyday routine. If you’re looking to up your fashion factor, take a moment to think about your usual outfits, what they include and how you can improve upon them with minimal effort. We’ve compiled a few outfit formulas if you need some inspiration, here. Keep in mind that there are endless combos that can look chic and stylish; the key is keeping your look fresh, organized and easy enough to slip into if your alarm doesn’t go off.

The first formula is FITTED TOP+ FULL SKIRT+ POINTED TOE. Feminine, flirty and a drop formal, this combo will keep you looking cute and fashionable with literally no effort. Pointed toe heels or flats are flattering and elongate the leg while adding some modern spice to your outfit, and the fitted top will contrast with the full skirt, accenting the waistline and creating an hourglass figure. Feel free to get creative with the tops- cardigans, t-shirts and blouses are all great options here. Add pearls and a great bag to complete the look!


The next is STRIPED TOP+ BLAZER+ BRIGHTLY COLORED FLATS. Casual but sophisticated, your jeans will look amazing with this combo. Aim for striped in neutral but contrasting colors like white and navy or black, and add some dynamic with a white blazer. Choose a flattering pair of ballet flats in an eye-catching color like red or yellow to amp up the glamour and attract some (positive!) attention.


Third is BLACK JEGGINGS+ DRESSY TOP+ CARDIGAN+ PUMPS. This combo works well as a day-to-night style, since the cardigan provides a light layer against the evening chill. Choose a top with a bit of body and texture, like lace paneling, to add some interest and keep your look classy. Pumps will step things up a notch while the cardigan adds a bit of sophistication, warmth and modesty depending on how much skin you want to show. We love colors that are a bit more subdued for this style, like blush, beige, sage or white, but anything goes. For full impact, add pearls, lipstick and some beachy waves!




What are your favorite outfits? Do you have any tried-and-true formulas?

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