Spring Cleaning: Getting Started

Clothes and fashion are all about appearances, comfort and practicality, which is why they play a big part in our daily lives. When we look nice and fresh we feel more confident and motivated. Well, here at Pearl & Clasp we believe the same applies for the style and state of your home, and what better time to reassess than spring? Yep, we’re talking about spring cleaning! Love the idea, but not sure where to start? Choose a room/section of the house to work on each day, and stick with your original schedule. Blast some great music and don’t procrastinate- you’ll be surprised by how much you can get done in as little as one hour.


Here are some good places to start:

Your Bedroom

Not nearly as daunting as the bathrooms or kitchen, your bedroom is a good way to ease into your new project. Wash all sheets, covers and linens and make the bed. Do you need a new throw pillow or two to spruce it up? Perhaps a new bed set? Make a wish list as you go through your house, and reevaluate once you’ve gone through each room. Next clean under the bed, put away all random socks and other articles of clothing that may have been living in corners or on the top of dressers. Dust all surfaces, then sweep and vacuum the floors. If you have time, you can do your closet too, but we recommend saving that for it’s own day (more to come on that topic!)

Your Entry Way

Speaking of first impressions, your home’s entrance says a lot about you and your family. Take an hour to tidy it up now that the weather is turning (we hope) by beating your welcome mat (Do you need a new one? Add it to your list!), giving your door a quick wipedown, organizing any shoes and bags that may be lying around, and adding a nice potted plant for a fresh pop of color. Seriously- plants embellish the home like a beautiful pair of pearl earrings do the face, so choose something hardy and bright for the best effect. Next, polish your door handle with a dryer sheet to really make the place shine.

Your Windows (and Window Sills) 

Winter weather and indoor heating can take a real toll on your windows and window sills. Go over your windows with a light spray and microfiber cloth, then give your sills a good rubdown as well. Be sure to remove all dust and grime that may have built up throughout the season.

Have you already started your spring cleaning? Good luck!

Until next time,



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