Spring Cleaning: How to Properly Cleanse your Pearls

Okay, okay, I know we’re all guilty of letting our jewelry build up residue. From our diamond engagement rings to our pearl earrings, we don’t always put in the time and effort to clean our precious gems the way that they deserve to be cleansed — but we do love when they sparkle! While diamonds and other precious stones are straightforward and fairly easy to clean with a toothbrush and jewelry cleanser – your pearls require a little more care. If you find your pearls looking dull and needing some refreshing – here are some easy guidelines you can follow to restore them back to their lustrous shine.

1. Don’t wear them all the time: While we wish that it was appropriate to wear pearls day and night, there are some places that they just don’t have any place. For example: the gym is a place you should never wear your pearls. Just like your skin cells and sweat can wreak havoc on the clothes you wear, your pearls will drastically reduce in shine and luster if you sweat in them. Another no-no: the pool and the beach. Pearls may have come from the depths of the oceans, but sand and the abrasive chemicals in chlorine can scratch and damage their gentle surfaces.

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2. Put them away: Putting away your pearls properly is the first step to keeping them clean, and storing them in a proper container is a necessity to keep your pearls looking fresh and shiny. When you take them off, wipe them with a soft cloth and store them in a soft jewelry bag or holder. Do not hang your pearls on a hook or in a jewelry box – exposure to the air will make them appear dull.

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3. Cleanse gently: If your pearls need a little more TLC than just a once-over wipe down, use a gentle cleanser (like Ivory flakes) and a little water to wash them down. Don’t ever use abrasive chemicals like bleach, ammonia, or jewelry cleansers to clean them – they’ll damage the surface of your pearls. Also – before you put them away, make sure to let them air dry and then to wrap them properly.

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4. Restring: Every few years, your pearls should be restrung to add life and luster to the strands. This will ensure that the nylon string they’re strung on is tight and strong, and if you restring with Pearl & Clasp, your pearls will get cleansed and sent back in the perfect storage bag. In addition – you can restyle your pearls when you restring them by adding a new, funky clasp.


By keeping these tips in mind, your pearls will look just as beautiful as the day you bought them every time you wear them, and you’ll be able to enjoy your pearls for years and years to come. Have any questions? Contact the pearl professionals at Pearl & Clasp to inquire about restringing and caring for your pearl strands.


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