Spring Cleaning: Phase 2

In our last post, we explained the importance of presenting (and living in) a well-kept and nice-looking home. Since spring is finally joining us, now is the perfect time to make a dent in the dust, clutter and general dinginess that so often builds up throughout the winter. Like our closets, our homes can certainly use a boost now and then! Phase 2 of our spring cleaning plan is a bit less appealing than Phase 1, but it’s still just easing you in to the next step (appliances, blech!). What’s Phase 2, you ask? Here we go!


Like we said, appliances will come later, but there is still a lot that can be done to make your kitchen shine. Spend a bit of time cleaning cabinets doors, polishing handles and giving your countertops a real, heavy-duty wipe down. Move everything off of the surface, spray liberally with your favorite cleaner, and scrub away. You’ll be surprised what a difference a clean, smooth countertop makes! Last, scrub the sink(s) and faucets so they shine. As you go through your kitchen, make note of things you may be missing or that may need replacing, like oven mitts, tea towels and other visible accessories like jars, vases and containers. Add them to your wish list, and then decide which are needed most once you’re done.


First and foremost, get rid of some junk. Old razors, hair bands, elastics, empty boxes of bandaids and old medicine should all get tossed! Spring is the time to start fresh, so don’t cut corners when it comes to reorganizating your bathroom cabinets. Next, spray the inside, outside, bottom and all other hidden areas on and around your toilet and let it sit a moment before giving it a thorough wipedown. Do the same with your countertop and around the sink, and don’t forget to polish the faucet and clean the mirror as well. Bleach your shower/bathtub and wrinse well, and make sure to give your shower walls a once-over, too. When everything is done, mop the floor, making sure to clean under or behind any furtniture or appliances. Review your wish list once more- consider adding a plant or two to your bathroom once this ordeal is over!

Next time you’re feeling motivated, move to step 3 of our spring cleaning schedule: appliances. Make a list of all appliances that could use some TLC, and try to get them done on the same day. Think: oven, stovetop, toaster, microwave, dishwasher. We’d leave the fridge for its own day as it can take a little longer to sort through the contents, clean the shelves and walls, and then restock, but if you’ve got the time and the stamina, go for it!

Good luck!

Until next time,



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