Spring Cleaning Jewelry Hacks

Sometimes you just need a good old life hack to solve a problem that is just too expensive, annoying or hopeless to fix. Now, it’s not that we condone laziness, but we understand that working gals, moms and students are busy and certain things are just less of a priority. Unfortunately, one of the first things to fall between the cracks is jewelry! Sorting through tangled messes of necklaces, digging desperately through an old jewelry box to find the match for the earring you were hoping to wear, sad or dingy looking rings and bracelets are realities that we are just all too familiar with, and don’t often have the time to deal with. Luckily, we’ve discovered some pretty genius hacks that you can use to up your jewelry game with very minimal effort!

This weekend, clear an hour of your time to get your jewelry back in order with these great hacks:

  1. Soak gold jewelry (no stones!) in light beer. The acid will strip away all dirt and dust and make the gold look sparkly and new!
  2. Organize your earrings using spare buttons (also a great way to keep track of those!). Pin them in pairs in the button holes to ensure that you can always find the match and backs easily while you’re running out the door in the morning.
  3. Rub brass and silver pieces with a dab of ketchup and a clean cloth, then buff dry. We have no idea why this works, but the results will amaze you!
  4. Pack and store necklaces with the help of plastic straws. Thread one side of the necklace through and clasp to ensure tangle-free travel. Another great way to travel with jewelry is by packing it in strong plastic wrap. Lay your pieces flat on the wrap and seal with another piece on top. Voila!
  5. Keep costume jewelry fresh with a spritz of acrylic spray. Wash and dry all pieces and then use a spray with a glossy finish. This will keep everything shiny and chip-free, as well as protect your skin from irritation and green marks.
  6. Tangled necklaces? Sprinkle with baby powder to loosen the knots, then use a pin to remove them completely. Then follow the necklace storage hack to prevent future entanglements!
  7. Weekly pill containers make great organizers for earrings, rings and other small, loose pieces.

What are your favorite ways to store your jewelry?

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