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Spring Cleaning: Your Closet

If you’ve been following our spring cleaning schedule, your house probably looks pretty darn good right now. There’s just one big thing that still needs to get done: your closet. If you’re anything like us, you’ve “gone through” your clothes a few times over the past year, and have maybe even tossed a few items if you were feeling serious about the task. Now is the time to really get the job done though, and if you’re planning on shopping for spring in the coming weeks, you should definitely do this beforehand.



We’ve been doing our research, and have come across the 4-pile method. Challenging as it may be, we’re committed to giving it a shot, and we recommend you do so to. You ready? Here it goes! Sort EVERYTHING into the following four piles:

Pile #1

Clothes and accessories that fit you well and that you wear often. Definitively. Don’t kid yourself- do you wear that shirt, or do you just wish you did? What about those earrings?

Pile #2

Clothes that you love and/or want to keep for some reason, but can’t quite determine why.

Pile #3

Clothes that haven’t fit you in a while, or no longer suit your style/needs.

Pile #4

Clothes that are worn out and generally unwearable.

Now that you’ve sorted every single item that you own into one of these categories, here’s what you should do:

Neatly organize the contents of Pile #1 in your closet and jewelry box. Marvel at the free space and ease with which you can access your clothing. Place the contents of Pile #2 in a box, and store it in the back of your closet for one month. Pile #3 should be packed up and donated IMMEDIATELY (again- do not sleep on this decision), and Pile #4 dumped in the garbage on that same trip. You’re done, except for Pile #2. When one month is up, if you haven’t opened the box, drive it over to donate along with Pile #3 without hesitation. DO NOT open to reevaluate!

Tough rules, right? We’re nervous, but we’re heading out to do this right now and so should you!

Good luck!

Until next time,




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