Rock the Bump: Maternity styles with Pearls

With springtime just around the corner (hopefully!), we cant wait to take out our warm weather styles and to get in the spirit of renewal. And in that spirit, we want to share that Carly (our resident blogger), is going to be having a bit of renewal in her home just around the corner: she’s expecting her first child! And now that she’s pushing just about 30 weeks pregnant, we thought we’d share some of our favorite maternity fashion styling tips.

1. Embrace the bump: No matter how you’re carrying, your shape will definitely change in the 9+ months of your pregnancy. From wide to round to very round, you’ll want to choose clothes that accentuate your bump without making you look bigger than you are. Go with narrow bottoms, like leggings or a pencil skirt, and a flowing top. Empire waists are also great for embracing a growing baby bump.

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2. Cinch the waist: Growing in size can make you feel either more or less feminine, depending on your emotions surrounding pregnancy (and both are normal!). To maintain your feminine shape, stay away from boxy styles and don’t be scared to cinch your waist with a belt, ribbon, or to even tie the bottom of your shirt into a makeshift belt.

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3. Don’t only buy maternity: It may be tempting to buy an entire new maternity wardrobe when you first find out that you’re pregnant, but you’ll be glad if you resist the urge. Some of my favorite maternity looks are actually non-maternity clothing, including my go-to maxi dress for any formal function. The best part? They look great with pearls.


4. Wear accessories you love: Pearls will never make you feel fat the way that pregnancy has a tendency to, so go crazy with the jewelry that you love. That being said, be mindful about the other accessories that you wear, especially your handbag or purse. A cross body style will keep the weight off of one shoulder and will help you avoid backaches.

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5. Wear sensible shoes: I, of all people, know how difficult it is to ditch my cute flats or wedges for a more practical shoe when all I want is to look put together. That being said, your soles are carrying more than their fair share of weight, and you need to take care of them! You can get sensible shoes (even some with a little bit of a heel) that offer the perfect amount of support for your tired arches. Even more important? A pair of non-slip rain or snow boots that you can wear without worrying about slipping in bad weather.

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What are your favorite bumpin’ styles? Anything we left out? Let us know in the comments.

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