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Pre-Spring Lingerie Revamp

So, of course when we think of clothes we think of all of our favorite outfits and items like soft cozy sweaters, summery sun dresses, our best pair of booties, our prettiest jewelry… But really our wardrobe includes another type of clothing which, though usually seen less, is equally (if not more!) important than all the other layers we own. Yep, we’re talking about lingerie!

Now some of you may have gotten excited, but a lot of us hear lingerie and cringe, because we immediately think of our dresser drawers that are filled with old underwear, innumerable bras that we literally haven’t even tried on in years, and heaps upon heaps of mismatched socks. If this sounds like the situation you have going on in your life, it is time for an intervention.

It’s a little early for spring cleaning, but it’s never too early for some good ol’ organization! Plus, when you’re done, you might get to shop, and for lingerie, no less. So here’s what you are going to do tonight when you get home. You’re going to treat yourself to a nice hearty, healthy meal, you’re going to roll up your sleeves, and you’re going to dump the contents of your underwear drawers on your bed. There’s no turning back now. 🙂

Now sort through the mess and make three piles: socks, panties and bras. If you come across items you KNOW you will never use, put them in a toss pile immediately. Next, look through each pile and be honest with yourself. Have you worn an item in the last two months? Why or why not? Does it fit you? Is it in good condition? If you will still make good use of it, keep it, and if not, toss or donate. Pay extra attention to your bra pile, as they are notorious for changing shape and becoming less appropriate over time. Try each one on and make sure they fit well with no gaps or lumps, and that sit comfortably. When you’re through, make a list of the items you will need to replace, or have been missing for a while, and add that shop to your budget. Try to look for versatile, comfortable items that can meet several needs, such as looking good under clothing and fitting comfortably. It’s best if they are also flattering on their own, so that you are prepared if a date goes particularly well!

What are your favorite pieces of lingerie?

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