Pre-Fall Layering Style Guide

Now that summer is over, it’s time to start thinking about fall. We’re only thinking about it instead of stocking up on pumpkin spice and sweaters because it’s still pretty darn hot out, but the evenings are getting chillier and we can just begin to taste a change in the air in the mornings. If you start your day earlier and get home in the evening, you may already be facing some wardrobe dilemmas when you get dressed. What should you wear if your morning commute is chilly, but the temps outside are up there in the 90s? Add the air conditioning in the office, the stuffy bus or subway on the way home, and the cool breeze as the sun begins to set and you’ve got one heck of a confusing mess. As always, our solution here at Pearl and Clasp is some good, ol’ fashioned layering.

Of course, no one wants to shlep around a chunky sweater when they’re feeling hot. So what type of layers are we talking?

  1. Lightweight, drapey cardigans. Think asymmetrical hems, waterfall or shawl collars. All loose and easy to wear, these cardigans are super stylish and add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. You can even just wear a basic tank top or tee underneath and no one will be the wiser. Pair with earrings and some great shoes and you’re all set!
  2. Silk scarves. Beautifully patterned and lightweight, these scarves are perfect for transitional seasons. They add so little bulk to your bag if you want to stash them, and really aren’t too heavy to just wear all day, even in the sun. On the other hand, they do cut wind and keep your neck, back and chest protected from unexpected chills. Plus, they’re gorgeous!
  3. Blazers and button downs. Blazers are a must-have, especially for the working girl. Smart and chic, a blazer makes an outfit. They also add an inconspicuous layer for warmth, if needed. If you’re more of a button-down girl, a simple denim or flannel shirt may be all you need!

What are your favorite ways to layer up (or down)?

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