Photogenics 101

Fashion is all about gorgeous clothes, interesting accessories and stunning jewelry, but all of that goes to waste when it isn’t documented well. Yep, we’re talking about pictures. Some people love the camera, but most hear the word “cheese” and cringe or smile awkwardly. Since we can totally relate to the latter group, we’ve gathered some tips to help up the competition for our photogenic friends.

1. Show off the left side of your face. Apparently, this is almost always the more flattering side. Where a pair of earrings to really accent your face!

2. In group photos, pay attention to where everyone else is standing. You want to avoid standing closer to the camera, because you’ll look disproportionate and large in the resulting shot. Instead, make sure to stand on an even plane with the others.

3. For full body shots, snap the photo from a slightly lower angle. This will lengthen your body and make you look thinner.

4. Get some cheekbone action by tilting your face a bit instead of facing the camera directly. The slight angle will create more depth and highlight your features in a more flattering way. Who would say no to that?

5. Unlike full body photos, snapshots of you sitting down will come out better if they’re taken from above. This little trick will create a more defined jawline. Yeah, baby!

6. If you’re posting your own photo, pay attention to composition. Crop the shot so that your body fills the frame completely. Surprisingly, the vertical perspective creates an illusion of length.

7. Work on your smile. You don’t want to look forced or fake in your photos! To avoid that, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Open your eyes as the camera clicks, and smile. Viola!

8. Spontaneous, natural smiles are great, but sometimes your grin can be a bit too wide when you’re posing for pictures. A good trick to prevent this is putting your tongue behind your teeth as you smile.

9. Don’t forget your eyes. Big smiles are gorgeous, but don’t forget to be sincere! Smile with your eyes as well as your mouth, and you can’t go wrong. Add a pearl necklace to highlight those pearly whites, and you’re good to go!

10. Red eye can usually be edited later, but there is a simple way to prevent it from happening in the first place. Look at a light right before the photo is taken; your pupils will shrink, reducing the chances of red eye significantly. Cool!

11. Last, but definitely not least, your smile will look better if you say “money” and not “cheese”. The eeee sound at the end of the word will keep the corners of your mouth turned up and crinkle your eyes just a bit. Plus, everyone smiles for money- shopping, woohoo!

Did these help? We hope so!

Until next time,



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