How to Use Pearls at Your Wedding

As promised in our last post, this one is all about how you can use pearls at your wedding. Since pearls have such a rich, traditional history and a classic romantic look, they really are a must-have for your event. Here are some ideas for how to incorporate them in your wedding:

  • Earrings

Nothing says bridal like a gorgeous set of pearl earrings. You can wear studs for a more subtle look, or dangling ones like these for more drama. Make sure you consider your hairstyle, neckline and necklace before making a decision!


  • Necklace

Like earrings, your necklace can really create a look. Whether you’re looking for something new or have a family heirloom to wear to this momentous event, pearls are always an excellent choice.

Pearl Necklaces for Bride

  • Hair Accessories

Brides are leaning towards more unique, natural-looking styles, and pearl-accented hair accessories are leading the trend. Lace headbands, gold or silver combs and tiaras, and even flowers all pair well with pearls.

Pearl Hair Accessories


  • Dress

Another gorgeous way to include pearls in your bridal look is on your dress or veil. Pearls look amazing with lace and embroidery, and can be used in designs to accentuate curves or elegant lines like your collarbone or neck. Pearls also make great buttons!

AS Photography
AS Photography
  • Shoes

Dress up your shoes with pearls! This is so easy and simple if you want to DIY. You can glue your design directly on the shoe, or make a clip to take on and off for pictures. Get creative and place your design on the toe or heel for maximum effect.

Pearl Shoes

  • Bridal Bouquet

Pearls and roses look amazing together! Spruce up your bouquet by placing pearls in between the blossoms, or turn up the glamour with whole strands.

Bridal Bouquet Pearls

  • Centerpieces

Speak to your wedding planner about using pearls in your event décor. The options are limitless! Use pearls in flower arrangements, table numbers, lanterns or candle decorations. This will definitely create a soft, romantic ambiance for your guests.

Pearl Centerpiece

Whatever you choose, be careful not to overdo it on the pearls. These smooth gems speak volumes on their own, and you need very few to make a big impression.

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