Necklace- Neckline Cheat Sheet

Every girl knows that accessories totally make or break an outfit. While purses and shoes may be the most obvious accessories, the right necklace can go a long way towards completing a look. Whether you’re heading out to the office or attending your best friend’s wedding, the right strand (or strands!) are a must.

Herein lies the challenge: there are just so many options! Pearls, diamonds, simple pendants, dramatic cascading waterfalls… Choosing what to where with what, and when, can be a daunting task. Well, we’re here to help by showing you how to pair your necklace with your neckline in the most flattering and stylish way. We’ve watched the experts, kept our eyes on the stars, and come up with these basic guidelines:

Turtlenecks are flattering and stylish when paired with long chains or pendants.

Turtleneck Fashion

Crew necks go perfectly with bibs or collars like this:

Crewneck Fashion

Give your scoop neck a boost with shorter, dramatic pendants or bibs like this.


Accent your collarbones by pairing a strapless top with a choker, or go for a more glamorous look with a beaded bib:

Strapless Fashion

Boat necks are classic and modest, and look amazing with long pearls like these:

Boatneck Fashion

V-necks are flexible; try a long v-shaped pendant or something more subtle:

V neck

Sweetheart necklines are feminine and elegant, and pair beautifully with delicate pendants like this:


Cowl necks look great on their own, but even better with long pendants:


But most importantly, don’t be afraid to get creative! Showcase your unique style, be bold, and stand out.

Stay tuned for more exciting jewelry tips from P&C…

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