Mommy Must-Haves

Summer is hard. Looking good by the end of the summer is even harder, and nearly impossible when you’ve been chasing kids on vacation for two months, most likely while juggling a job, house work and dozens of other responsibilities. Sister, we hear you. Loud and clear.

Being a busy mom leaves little time to spend on cultivating a wardrobe, choosing outfits and perfecting hair and makeup each morning, and these last few days of summer are pretty much hopeless. Even with the kids back in school in a couple days, the morning rush is hard to beat. So here are the essentials that every mom needs to make every outfit look chic with minimal effort. And we mean seriously minimal. Ready? Check these out:

Point-toe flats. We’re sure you’ve noticed, but those are a favorite here at Pearl and Clasp. Super stylish and sophisticated, the right pair of these flats will class up literally any outfit. You should have the basics like nude and black, and then invest in some unique styles and colors like leopard print, red or striped to add some pzazz to more basic outfits.

BB cream. These all-in-one wonders made morning makeup routines so darn easy. Squeeze it out and rub it on. Done! Make sure to try out your selection in the store to ensure that it matches your skin tone, and keep in mind that as seasons change, so does our coloring.

Mascara. Nothing helps waken up a face and brighten the eyes like good ol’ mascara. Skip the eyeliner, skip the lipstick, even skip the concealer, but never, ever skip the mascara!

Basic tops. If you’ve got nothing in your closet but sleek, elegant basic tops, you’re basically a fashion queen. You think we’re joking, but we’re not. Understated beauty is the best kind, and your tailored basics will keep your looks on track with zero hassle. Plus, they provide the very best canvas for your favorite shoes and accessories.

Pearls. Romantic, feminine and flattering, pearls are a must-have for any woman. They add some serious mood to an outfit and will illuminate any skin tone. Pearl stud earrings are a great everyday option for fast-paced women.

What are your wardrobe essentials?

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