lnterview Outfit

Interview Outfit Do’s and Don’ts

Regardless of how you feel about snap judgements, the way you dress gives people an immediate impression of you as a person. This is especially true in the work environment, which is why your interview outfit is so important. Bianca Frazier said “Dress how you want to be addressed,” and she was right; dressing professionally for your job can have a significant impact on your career, and dressing appropriately for an interview can have a significant impact on your job.

The first step for choosing an interview outfit is getting to know the dress code. If strict business wear is the norm, your options are basically limited to a pant suit and blouse or a classic sheath dress. If the place is more casual, you have a wider range of options, but never wear jeans to a job interview. It’s always better to overdress!

Choose classic and understated styles in neutral colors and patterns. Accessories and makeup should also be minimal, and your hair should be pulled back from your face. Keep jewelry small and conservative, like this pearl necklace.

lnterview Outfit

Always be sure to wear clothes that fit you well. Poorly fitted clothes can make you look untidy or inappropriate. You want to show that your appearance is important to you, without taking it overboard. Showing cleavage is not a good idea, and skirts should be long enough that you don’t have to adjust them throughout the day.

Pay attention to details. Your clothes should be clean, stain-free, and ironed. Shoes should be clean of scuffs. Your hair should be dry. Attention to details like these indicates that you notice and care about even the smaller aspects of your appearance, a trait which likely expands into your work as well.

Remember: be neat, be subtle, be stylish. Good luck!

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