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Classy Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Take II

Ok, the clock is really ticking now, and if you still have nothing planned for Halloween, you’re really living life in the fast lane. As usual, we’ve got you covered with some simple, classy, super cute DIY costumes that don’t require any rare or unusual items to make them work. ...Read more ...Read more

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Pearl Necklaces

Mother’s Day is coming up and we’ve been thinking about ways to celebrate the most important women in our lives. Busy schedules and of course distance can take a toll on how much time we get to spend with our moms, but once a year we get to tell them how much they really mean to us and ...Read more ...Read more

How to Wear All Black

Many, many, maaaaany women consider black their go-to color. It’s classic, subtle and slimming, not to mention very easy to find as well as to pair with favorite accessories. If you love to wear all black, though, you may find yourself getting a bit bored with your wardrobe and need some ideas ...Read more ...Read more

5 Day-to-Night Wardrobe Essentials

Sometimes our social calendars don’t take our work schedules into account, especially when the party is an event for a larger group. We rush out of the office looking haggard and totally uninspired… Until now! We’ve done some research, and have compiled this list of 5 super simple ...Read more ...Read more

Photogenics 101

Fashion is all about gorgeous clothes, interesting accessories and stunning jewelry, but all of that goes to waste when it isn’t documented well. Yep, we’re talking about pictures. Some people love the camera, but most hear the word “cheese” and cringe or smile awkwardly. Since ...Read more ...Read more

Wardrobe Tips for Busy Moms

The busy schedules of moms make it unbelievably hard to stay stylish. Mornings are often hectic and rushed, so time is limited, while the laundry is backed up and is usually divided into very basic loads. If you’re lucky, you managed to separate the colors from the whites. Dry-clean only, hand ...Read more ...Read more

Engagement Party Styles

It’s wedding season, and nothing is more stunning than a bride on her wedding day. That can put a loooot of pressure on a girl though. Luckily, brides-to-be have plenty of opportunities to practice before the big day! One such opportunity is the engagement party. Whether it’s a springy, ...Read more ...Read more

Buying Your First Pearls

If you’re new to pearl jewelry, shopping for the perfect piece can be very intimidating. There are so many styles, and the prices have an incredibly wide range. How do you know what to look for? Whether you’re just looking for your first pair of pearl earrings, or looking to accessorize ...Read more ...Read more

Top 7 Beach Trends for 2015

Lace Lace is super flexible, and can match any style. It’s delicate and feminine, but can be totally edgy depending on what it’s paired with. We love cute lace sundresses paired with straw hats, but lace is also a major player in bathing suits, shoes, and beach accessories this year. Nautical stripes We ...Read more ...Read more

New Princess, Same Classic Style for Mom

What’s even more exciting than a Duchess? A princess! We couldn’t be more thrilled! Here at P&C we absolutely adore Kate and her family, and we are so excited about their newest addition, little Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. What a beautiful name for a princess, and if she’s as ...Read more ...Read more