Scarlett Johansson wearing a single strand pearl necklace

How to take care of your Pearl Jewelry – Maintenance tips

Taking care of pearls is one of the duties you need to do when having this kind of jewelry.  Pearls are the epitome of timeless style. These well-liked mementos succeed in being both sweet and dainty and bold at the same time.  Cultured pearls must be properly care for as they are sensitive. They require different care than other types of jewelry. To understand the finest techniques for taking care and cleaning  of your pearls.

Scarlett Johansson wearing a single strand pearl necklace

Perfect Ways To Clean Your Pearls

  1. Use a delicate cloth to clean your pearls

Cleaning your jewelry with delicate cloth after wearing it is necessary. This will aid in preventing the accumulation of any oils or other chemicals that may have come into touch with your jewelry throughout the course of the day.

  1. Use a moist towel to clean only when necessary.

You can use a delicate cleaning cloth dip in a mixture of lukewarm water and mild dish soap to clean nacre that are obviously discolored. A pearl necklace should not be submerge in water since doing so will weaken the silk thread.

  1. Before keeping the pearls let them completely dry out. 

Once more, before you store the jewel, drying it out completely will help to maintain the suppleness of the silk strand.

  1. Visit Pearl&Clasp jewelry

Visiting your jeweler once a year with them. Even though you should wear your pearls frequently to keep them moisturized, all that body oil is bad for the silk thread. Make sure your jeweler does a once-a-year integrity check on your pearl necklaces and bracelets. They may also clean them thoroughly and safely. 

Never use a steam or ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to clean nacre. Both of these techniques run the risk of harming the pearl’s shells.

Tips for Pearl Maintenance

Pearls are frequently passed down through families as cherished heirlooms. By keeping your jewel in good condition, you may ensure that they will live long enough to become family heirlooms. 

  1. First off, last on.

The finishing touch for your ensemble should be some pearls. Once your jewel are on, avoid using lotion, perfumes, hairspray, or make up.

  1. Put them away flat. 

Your nacre strands should not be shown on a nice jewelry rack, even though hanging most necklaces on one is totally okay. To keep pearl necklaces from straining, store them flat.

  1. Make a special place for your pearls.

Soft pears should be kept separate and in a fabric-lined container because they are easily scratched.

  1. Put pearls on frequently

Wearing nacre frequently prevents them from dying out since they perform best in a damp environment.

Put your pearls on today so that you understand how to care for and clean them! Are you curious about the price of pearl maintenance? Less thank you may anticipate. To receive a free quote in under a minute. Message and get a quote now! At

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