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How to Make a Bold Fashion Statement with Black Pearls

Pearls are something more than just a piece of jewelry. They are financial assets, a fashion statement, and most importantly, define an outright distinct lifestyle. The appreciation for these organic gems dates back to the late 19th century, and they have always been in the radar of fashionistas for their timeless appeal.

White pearls are highly popular as a stylish fashion accessory regardless of occasions but what about their darker, enigmatic counterparts?

The looks of black pearls are in stark contrast to crisp white pearls, but they are gorgeous, nonetheless. Formed inside the Tahitian black-lip Pinctada Margaritifera oysters, these ebony beauties possess a mysterious charm. No pearl lover can deny their irresistible elegance and amazing versatility. 

Wear Black Pearls, Go Fearless with Your Fashion Statement

Black pearls are not just black. They come in an impressive array of shades. These pearls—ranging from peacock shades to icy blue and copper brown and being available in a lustrous texture and unique shapes—possess the perfect recipe for creating a bold fashion statement. You may not wear them every day, but whenever you do, black pearl jewelry is meant to create an artistic and fascinating impression.

Here are some ways to wear black pearls while exposing their true glamorous nature:

Add a dark accent to soft palettes.

Little black pearl earrings will add a dark accent to casual summer outfits, flowery dresses, and soft-colored clothing like cream, shades of pink, chestnut brown, and more. Show off the earrings with an up-do hairstyle. 

A layered Gothic combination.

We’ve already talked about a contrasting look but how about taking it deeper and create a mystifying Gothic look? Wear black pearl jewelry pieces with dark-colored clothes. If you are wearing a necklace, pair it up with a couple of other light-toned necklaces. Try this bold look if you have the confidence to carry it on.

Try a seductive backless style.

A necklace with a long, dangly end plunging deep looks flirty and you can ingest the right dose of fashion into it by wearing it backward. If you choose to have a bold look by wearing a backless dress, why don’t make it bolder by rocking a long black pearl necklace on the back? The unique style will instantly make you the center of a soirée.

Follow the neckline.

This always works if you are unsure about which style to follow. A black pearl necklace contouring around the neckline of your dress is the most elegant way to flaunt the beauty of these little black beads.

A drop-down design is perfect for highlighting a deep, V-neck collar while a choker is the right choice to complement a dress with a round collar. Choosing light-colored outfits will draw more attention to the black pearls.

Layer up for a striking look.

A single strand necklace is too mainstream. Why not indulge? Layer a long necklace around your neck in multiple strands or wear two or three necklaces together. A multistrand necklace will also work just fine. Match that layered look with no-frills black or similar dark-shaded outfit. The ensemble will create a riveting yet sophisticated persona.

Do you like these styles? Which one do you think will match your personality?

Until next time!


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