Homemade Shakes for Everyday Boosts

Ok. So far this spring we’ve worked on our closets, our homes, our outfits, our jewelry and our workout routines, and we’re feeling great! As the summer heat starts too kick in, there is another crucial area that we need to focus on in order to boost our health and wellness. Have you guessed it? Our nutrition! With hectic work or school schedules, it can be hard to make sure that we are giving our bodies what they need to stay in tip top shape to get us through our days. What’s worse is that many of us rely on things like sugar and caffeine to give us a boost in the morning or during our lunch break instead of fueling our bodies with the right nutrients. Of course, this has a negative effect on our health- and it shows! Your skin may dry out, shadows will appear around your eyes, your clothes may need some stretching or may hang too loosely… Basically, your body needs you to take care of it. While making time for a big breakfast may be a lost cause, there is a simple, trendy, super healthy solution you may want to try: shakes! Delicious, quick and perfect for drinking on-the-go, shakes come in a wide range of combos that support your physical and mental state. You can even freeze your ingredients in ziplocks in advance to cut down prep time in the morning.

Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered!

The Long Day Energizer: Full of complex carbs, antioxidants and a plethora of vitamins, this shake is perfect if you’re heading out early and getting home late. Tasty and energizing, this combo is a day saver!

1/2 mango

1/2 banana

Handful of blueberries

1/2 cup apple juice

1 tbs muesli

2 tbs yogurt

ice cubes

Blend and go!

The Workout Buddy: Fresh and light, this shake is the perfect pre-workout drink. It’ll pump you up without sitting heavy, and works great as a midday snack at the office as well!

2 slices of melon

handful of fresh mint leaves

1/2 bag fresh spinach

1/2 mango

1/4 cucumber

1/2 cup apple juice

2 tbs yogurt

ice cubes

Protein Power Shake: If you’ve been low on nutritious foods lately, give your body the boost it needs with this protein and vitamin-rich smoothie!

1 banana

5-10 cherries

1/2 orange juice

2 tbs yogurt

small handful of mixed seeds

4-5 walnuts

ice cubes

Which shake will you try first?

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