Home for the Holidays: Decor Ideas we LOVE

Pearly-white snow, eggnog warming on the stove, and the hearth warm and cozy: it’s clear — the holidays are here. Since everyone is busy decking the halls, we thought we might share some ideas about how to deck your walls for this winter and beyond. From glamorous to simple to meticulous detailed touches that make your house a home, here are some decoration ideas that we think will keep you warm until at least springtime.

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1. Pearl-fect chandelier: Whether you want to go for whimsical and vintage or add a glamorous look to your light fixture, adding pearls to your chandelier will add a dramatic touch that will keep everyone wondering where you found such an awesome piece for your home. The great part? You can make it yourself, using an old chandelier frame from a local thrift shop and your costume pearls.

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2. Gallery Wall: If you don’t have a gallery wall in your home yet – what are you waiting for? A gallery wall takes notes from your local museum by choosing photos and frames of different sizes and displays them on one wall to create a focal point. For a tailored look, keep the frames a consistent color, but don’t be afraid to switch out the photos when you’re feeling inspired. As a plus, this can be a great way to incorporate holiday decor with your favorite memories of Christmas’ past.

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3. Accessorize: You would never leave the house without putting the perfect finishing touches on your outfit, so why leave your house looking only partially dressed? One of the best ways to keep your home looking updated and seasonal is to incorporate weather-appropriate accessories that will keep your house looking lived-in and stylish. For these cold winter months, incorporate a plush winter throw on your sofa, a basket full of firewood, and keep your coffee table flush with candles for a classy-yet-appropriate look.

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4. Keep it Organized: The key to keeping your house appear clean and tidy all the time is simple: organization. But just because we can spell the word doesn’t mean we know how to actually organize ourselves. The entryway to your home may become a pileup of papers, letters, junk-mail, and empty wrappers from your trip home. By purchasing only a few key items, you can make the entrance to your house as welcoming as you desire.

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5. Dress the Table: We all know the rush before a crowded dinner party. First, you have to plan the menu. Then, you have to get the ingredients to cook. By the time dinner is done and your house is clean and tidy, you might just want to throw your feet up as you uncork a bottle of wine, but there’s more to be done! Arriving to a dinner party (or a holiday dinner) when the table is set makes a guest feel welcome and cared for – exactly your goal when planning this party in the first place! Keep your linens fresh and laundered, and don’t forget to add a fun, seasonal centerpiece that’s low enough for your guests to see over. Then, open that vino and enjoy!


When you’re dressing your house for the holidays, don’t forget to dress yourself, as well! This ruby pearl necklace is the perfect accessory for all of your holiday looks. Enjoy decking the halls!

xoxo, until next time,

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