This Holiday Season Pin to Win!

We all love the Holidays; there is no time of year like it. There’s an excitement in the air, big plans are being made, and those lights, I mean you can’t help but get all warm and fuzzy inside when you see them.  But despite how much we love the Holidays, for some of us the pre-Holiday season tends to be a bit overwhelming. There’s the guest list, the grocery list, and a very long to-do list. With so many lists and things to do, it’s kinda hard to find time to get into the Holiday spirit.  And for some of us (myself included), the most anxiety provoking list of all is the….(dramatic music please)….. epic gift list.

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Every Holiday season we shop till we drop, just to do it all over again next year. Even for us girls who love to shop, it’s not such an easy task. It’s challenging enough just to find the time to shop and it’s even harder to come up with new and exciting gift ideas. Its no wonder I am dreading writing up my gift list!

So in order to make Holiday prep a little more fun, Pearl & Clasp has come up with a Holiday Gift Contest, that’ll not only help you productively brainstorm, it’ll also get you excited for the season. Using Pinterest, contestants will create boards of their original gift ideas from Pearl & Clasp’s website and the web. Whoever comes up with the best board, gets the prize of this gorgeous Silver Ball Necklace.

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What’s so great about this contest is that first of all, everyone loves Pinterest and second of all, you have the chance to win a little something special for doing what you had to do anyway! Sometimes just jotting things down on a pad and paper can be really limiting and boring. By using Pinterest, your brainstorm is not limited to just your brain, you can pick and chose from the web and have an organized place to map out your ideas.  Feel free to daydream all day long about those pearl earrings you saw because they might just be a perfect gift for your Aunt Sally.  And when your husband comes home and sees you’re on Pinterest looking up a double stranded pearl necklace, you don’t need to quickly X out before he sees, stand your ground girl! You’re just doing gift research!


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So do yourself a favor and pin to win! You got nothing to lose but that stunning necklace. For more information about how to enter, click here.

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