A History of Pearls and Weddings

Wedding season is in full bloom, and brides everywhere are decked out in our favorite gem: pearls! While we obviously love this look, we were wondering where it began… So we did a bit of research. Turns out, pearls have a pretty interesting history.

Pearls have been valued for their beauty for centuries, and have been linked to wedding ceremonies for nearly as long. The Cultured Pearl Information Center explains that pearls were probably discovered by people searching the seashore for food thousands of years ago. Impressed by their natural beauty, they valued them ever since.


According to the Rigveda, an ancient Hindu scripture written in 1,000 BC, Krishna gave his daughter pearls which he retrieved himself from the sea. The ancient Greeks considered pearls to be a symbol of love and marriage, and believed that pearls bestowed the newlyweds with a happy marriage and prevented the bride from shedding tears- a blessing that would be super convenient, makeup-wise! Romans linked pearls to wealth and social standing, and only nobles were allowed to wear them during the Renaissance. During the Dark Ages, knights were known to wear pearls on the battlefield to protect them from harm, and later bestow them upon their brides at their weddings.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl popularity peaked in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The French House of Burgundy set the trend, and royal weddings across Europe were often characterized by stunning pearl jewelry on both the women and the men.

Wedding Pearls

Queen Elizabeth II wore pearls to her wedding in 1947, and many other prominent figures have done so since. There’s no denying that pearls are gorgeous and classy; absolutely perfect for a bride!

Stay tuned, up next is how to choose the right pearls for your wedding! Check out our bridal sets for a little preview…

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