Halloween Accessory Inspiration

October 31st. Cue the creepy music, ghastly scream and ominous sound of fluttering wings. Love it or hate it, Halloween is a holiday that is an absolute fashion fest, and we definitely keep our eye on the stars for costume inspiration. Check out these get-ups featured in Vogue; it certainly helps to have a professional hair and makeup crew!

Last year we brainstormed a few classy, simple DIY costume ideas and we still love those, but this year we’ve looked into some non-costume costume options. What does that mean? Accessories, of course! We’ve found that you can totally get in the spirit without choosing a costume with the help of some small Halloween-y touches to your outfit. Here are some ideas:

Jewelry. You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Dig around in your costume bag or pop over to a Dollar Store for some over-stated pieces. Look for necklaces with big charms, earrings or bracelets with red stones, and anything with Gothic or Victorian designs or creepy crawlies like snakes, spiders or bats. You can even just tie a black ribbon as a choker! Be creative and wear a few; you’ll immediately look dressed up and fit into the theme of the day with very minimal effort. You can always add too much black eyeliner and some deep red lipstick for more drama.

h jewelry

Make up. If you’re artistic, this is really all you need. Paint your face with cobwebs, or add dark circles or bones and pose as a skeleton. There are plenty of simple tutorials available online, or just go with your instincts and have fun! Now is the time to be creative and daring.

makeup halloween


Hair accessories. Throw on a headband with cat ears, a wig or clip some bats and spiders to dangle from your hair. You can achieve an almost effortless but truly remarkable zombie look by backcombing random chunks of hair- just make sure you’ve got a good conditioner waiting for you at home!

hair halloween


Nail polish. If you or your friends have got a steady hand, try to decorate your fingernails with bats or pumpkins. Opt for Halloween colors like black and orange so that any effort is effective!


Not one for dressing up at all? Arm yourself with attitude instead and you’ll be sure to get some appreciative treats. A sweatshirt like this would be a good place to start:



What are your favorite Halloween accessories?

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