A Guide to Colors

Our world is full of color, so much so that we don’t always notice how much it affects us. However, the colors that surround us impact our moods, our thoughts and even the decisions we make. Scientists have even found that we literally feel color as well as see it, which is why beautifully painted walls, brightly colored advertisements and things as simple as nail polish all trigger such strong reactions.

The colors we wear have a similar effect on both us and the people around us. Here’s a quick guide to colors to help you better coordinate your outfits with your plans:


Red is an extremely bold color. It is hot, empowering and draws plenty of attention. Red also signifies passion and romance, and can trigger a person’s appetite. Go for red clothes if you’re looking to stand out and inspire spontaneity, or add a few red accents to your outfit if you just need a little oomph.





Orange is another bright, warm color which catches the eye. Slightly less intense, orange has the ability to soothe as well as energize, and is a very positive color. It’s also fun and carefree, great for day-time dates or family time.


Yellow is sunny and cheerful, and speaks of confidence and intelligence. It makes you look creative, unique and uncomplicated, and brightens any room you’re in! Pair yellow with pearls for a truly bright and beautiful look.




Green is refreshing and calm, reminiscent of nature and fresh air. As a result, it can reduce stress and even inspire others to see you in a more positive light, minimizing arguments and conflict.


Blue is a peaceful color that evokes creativity and relaxation. However, it can also be cold or even depressing, so avoid wearing it if you’ve been feeling down. Blue is sophisticated and understated, which makes it a good choice for professional settings.




Purple is luxurius and deep. It is energetic, like red and orange, and evokes creativity and decisiveness. Purple is a great option when you’re looking for something upbeat, but not too loud.


Pink ranges from pale peaches to bright magenta, which gives it wide range of quality. In general, pink is a soothing, happy color. It is associated with romance (like pearls!) and femininity, making it the perfect choice for a date.




Black can be both edgy and professional, depending on how you wear it. It represents authority, and makes people take the wearer seriously. Black makes you look responsible and focused. It’s also slimming, and makes a classy canvas for colorful or other unique accessories.

What colors do you like to wear?

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