A Guide to Boots and Body Types

Spring is on it’s way, but there’s at least one winter style we won’t be ditching so soon- boots! Perfect for a sunny-but-chilly day, boots look great with skirts, dresses, jeans and leggings, making them a virtually seasonless wardrobe staple. As the weather warms up a bit, we’ll all probably cut back on our layers, show off our jewelry and wear clothing that is a bit more revealing, in both shape and material, so your boots will attract more attention and impact your outfits more this season. Did you know that like certain boot styles are more flattering to your body type, just like certain earrings are more suitable to your face shape?



Here’s a quick breakdown so that you’re properly prepared this spring:

Hourglass figures look best when wearing boots with cone-shaped heels and pointed toes. Platforms are fine but not a must, and pointy toes and smaller, daintier styles should be avoided unless you have tiny feet.

Pear-shaped gals can (and should!) rock taller styles with stacked heels. Make sure your boots hit above the calf and under the knee to create an elongating effect, and aim for a pair in one solid color to keep your legs looking slim. Narrower shaping around the ankles is also a good idea, if you can find a pair that fits comfortably.

Apple-shaped figures look great with chunkier styles, like wedge heels. Look for interesting buckles and embellishments, and don’t be afraid to choose something bold! Avoid very narrow heels and overall slimmer styles to really flatter your body type.

Banana-shaped ladies have slimmer, less-curvy forms, so choose something a bit dainty that won’t overwhelm your look. Stiletto heels are perfect, as are embellishments, but avoid large, chunky buckles and shapes. If you’re tall, flats can also be a very flattering option.

Petite women often turn to heels or platforms to give their height a boost, and with good reason! Another trick is wearing boots with a pointy toe. The shape creates an illusion of length, but can also be a bit uncomfortable, so make sure to try yours on before committing. Long zippers up the sides of the boot can also add length to your legs, as long as there are no horizontal buckles or straps that cut across the line.

Tall women can easily pull off flat boots, so if heels are not your thing, you’re in luck! In general, though, taller ladies can wear a variety of boot styles. The least flattering are ankle booties, but depending on the outfit, these can look great, too!

Plus-size figures look best in boots with angled cuffs as opposed to those that cut straight across. Stick with pull-on styles made from stretchier materials, and keep the color of your boots the same or similar to that of your tights, leggings or pants for an all-over slimming effect.

What are your favorite boot styles?

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