Giving Thanks: Celebrating Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is approaching, and everyone is thinking of creative ways to give thanks this turkey day. Whether it’s joining forces with family or friends, coworkers or a romantic dinner for two, Thanksgiving is less about the food and more about reflecting upon the abundance in our lives; recognizing all of the gifts we’ve received and looking forward to the next chapter. Let’s be honest though, the food plays a big part in the day too!

How are you planning on spending your thanksgiving? As a little girl, I remember waking up in the morning to watch the parade on the TV, then being hypnotized to the kitchen, where the smell of turkey and stuffing were wafting through the house; my father cooked while my mother acted as sous chef, peeling vegetables and cubing challahs for stuffing, and the football game was playing on the TV. I’d perch at the counter, helping where I could and watching when I couldn’t, tasting all the food and polishing the silver.

Thanksgiving Dinner

When it came time to set the table, my sister and I would print up place cards, iron the tablecloth, and put together centerpieces, placing the carefully polished silverware next to the crisp china saved for large family get-togethers. Our centerpieces weren’t always something to be proud of; mostly consisting of candles on intricate plates or large wine glasses filled with marbles and floating tea-lights inside.

Now that we’re grown, we’ve tried to mature our centerpiece ideas, incorporating more seasoned themes into our thanksgiving dinners, doing activities with our guests to focus more on the things we’re thankful for instead of how stuffed we can get from eating delicious food. Here are some ideas we love for thanksgiving décor and activities, including some creative ways to include pearls, our very favorite accessory.

If you’re into the themed Thanksgiving dinners, pick a theme that showcases American history. Have people dress up from different decades, wearing bell-bottoms and belly shirts for the 70’s, poodle skirts and Mary Jane’s for the 50’s, and flapper dresses with pearls for the 20’s. To top it all off, play a trivia game about US history to see who scored highest on their midterms this semester.

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If you’ve seen enough cornucopias in your lifetime to last well…a lifetime, let your Thanksgiving decorations grow up a bit by incorporating more luxurious materials instead of traditional gourds. Candles, metallic serving dishes, and glass beads can be put together to make a stunning DIY centerpiece, or you can have your guests build their own by doing a meaningful activity. Give each guest 5 pearls, and have them think of 5 things that they are grateful for. As they share their thanks, have them drop the pearls into an empty, tall vase, and watch it fill up with people’s thanks to showcase a reminder of all there is to show gratitude for throughout the meal.

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As for you, and what you’ll be wearing, choose jewelry that includes fall-tones such as this gorgeous Gemstone Double Pearl Bracelet, which will go with any ensemble you choose.


We have a lot to be thankful for. What are your ways of giving thanks?

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