Girls and Pearls: A Match Made In Heaven

Pearls have a way of making you feel like a queen, and they’re classically associated with timeless elegance and femininity. To be honest, there isn’t a time when pearls aren’t the right choice.

Pearls are the birthstone of June and are the only birthstone to be produced by a living organism. They come in a range of colors, sizes and shapes. But while these truths definitely set pearls apart from traditional gemstones, what I love most about pearls is that they can look great with any outfit, from jeans to an evening gown. Even the most avant-garde of outfits would benefit from a pearl bracelet or a pair of earrings to tie it all together.

No matter how often you see Instagram models and celebrities wearing pearl jewelry, you’ll probably never grow tired of it. And that’s because pearls aren’t just an accessory; they’re the perfect accessory.

In the 1920s, when Coco Chanel designed her famous “little black dress,” she included pearls as a vital accessory to complete the look. After that, pearls became more popular amongst commoners who wanted to emulate their favorite stars or models. Even many modern men have also embraced them as popular fashion statement items.

Pearls are having a moment. And celebrities, even the trendsetters, know that better than anyone. From the faintest trace of a pearl stud to a full-on necklace and earring set, there’s no denying that pearls have made waves in contemporary jewelry styles.

Pearls aren’t just for grandmothers anymore—they’ve made a major comeback! And celebrities of all ages are rocking pearls with everything from casual weekend wear to evening gowns on the red carpet.

From Kate Hudson to Kendall Jenner and Helen Mirren to Nicole Kidman, plenty of female celebrities have proudly displayed their pearl collection on various occasions. It’s the magic of these gemstones that they look beautiful in anyone and any setting. They can infuse casual clothing with an air of elegance or add a dash of exquisiteness to formal outfits.

Pearls have been a mainstay in fashion for centuries, and they’re not going anywhere soon. That makes them exactly what you need: a simple and timeless jewelry option that never goes out of style.

In my undying preoccupation with fashion, I’ve spent much time studying celebrities who have stepped out publicly while wearing my favorite jewelry. To be sure, there are some styles that I prefer more than others, but this is my prerogative as a fashion junkie. In my next few posts, I plan to share some of my pearl obsession with you by analyzing leading ladies who have worn pearls, from Jackie O. to Rihanna.

I hope that by seeing the versatility of these fantastic jewels, you’ll come to love pearls as much as I do. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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