Gift Ideas for Your Man this Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air…and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. When buying a gift for someone you love, the pressure is always on, but is even worse when you’re trying to find the perfect gift for the man in your life – depending on who he is, or what type of relationship you have, you may be struggling to find exactly what to give. Whether you’re just about to go out on your fourth date or walk down the aisle, here are some gift suggestions that will leave your man saying, “YES!”

1. The experience package: Does your man love cars? Always wanted to fly a plane? Take a trip to Italy? Buying your guy an experience will help create memories and will enable the two of you to do something together, making it a meaningful gift. Check out sites like groupon or woot to find specials on these types of packages – I bought my dad an hour ride in a Ferrari on a racecar track for less than $100 – and he still talks about it years later.
2. The membership package: If your guy is a beer aficionado, buy him a year’s membership to a “beer of the month club” that will make monthly deliveries of craft brews that he can enjoy. These membership clubs exist for pretty much anything you can think of: beer, wine, cigars, and even coffee, so there’s bound to be something out there for the man in your life.

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3. The material package: Some guys love clothes and accessories, so don’t write this gift off as an impersonal one. Think about how much we love receiving jewelry, and if your guy is a material type, he will appreciate it as well. A nice pair of cufflinks, a money clip, or cashmere sweater may not scream “memorable” to you, but every time he puts it on, he’s going to remember where it came from.
4. The DIY Package: If you’re creative and love getting crafty, making something for your man can result in an awesome gift. A scrapbook, poem, or framed print full of meaningful items and memories may leave your guy breathless at the end of the day. This is especially great if you can get your children involved – a gift for grandpa or daddy that the kids made is especially poignant, and may even bring a tear to his eye.

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5. The hobby Package: Maybe your guy is a stamp collector; maybe he’s a golfer. No matter what his hobby is, if he has one, buying him a new “toy” to go along with it will definitely win you some points in his book. If you can’t afford to get him a new set of golf clubs, buying club covers that have some real personality will get the message across, as will some new monogrammed tumblers for him to put on his whiskey bar at the office.
6. The “YOU” Package: Come on, its Valentine’s Day! Open a bottle of wine, splurge on that sexy new lingerie, and tie yourself up in a ribbon to give to your man. If you’re going out to dinner, the allure of a pearl necklace can offer mystery and class, and when paired with red lipstick, just the right amount of sexy. Throughout the day, send him sexy texts or snapchat him to give him a sneak peak of what’s going to come…a hint of your lingerie, a candle lit in your room…you get the picture, and so will he.

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let his imagination run wild…

Buying a gift for your guy can be daunting, but there’s always something new and exciting to share with your man, no matter what he enjoys doing. One of these packages is sure to have something your guy will appreciate and enjoy opening as much as you enjoy putting it together for him.

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