Fourth of July Style Ideas

Independence Day is less than one week away and we can already smell the barbecue smoke. Whether you’re heading out for a big family picnic or hosting some friends, the Fourth of July is a summer highlight that deserves some serious styling! If you’ve been on Pinterest (and we’re sure you have!), you’ve seen the myriad of ideas for July 4th: table decor, wreaths, dramatic desserts, red-white-and-blue drinks, fruit platters and so much more, and everything is just so unbelievably cool. Of course, everything is styled in red, white and blue and bedecked in stripes and stars. So too should you be! If you’re not yet sure what you’re wearing or how you’ll be incorporating the color scheme, here are some ideas to keep you looking both patriotic and glamorous without too much effort.

Blue Bottoms

Whether you’re more a cut-off jeans girl or A-line skirt enthusiast, blue is an easy color to rock as a bottom. Light or dark jeans or a navy skirt or shorts all make a trendy statement and can most likely be found among the clothes you already own. Keep in mind the weather and other conditions at your BBQ’s location, ie lots of wind or uneven ground. Dress accordingly so that you aren’t stuck messing with hemlines and your comfort instead of relaxing and enjoying the event.

blue bottoms

White Tops

White tops are classy, flattering and easy to find, and they come in literally every style under the sun. You can opt for a graphic tee (maybe an American flag or other festive design), a blouse, a cropped top- the options are endless! A white top is sure to show off that tan you’ve been working on, too.

white tops

Pops of Red

Next tie red into your outfit with a dazzling red lipstick, red shoes or a red hairband. Be sure your red accessories match one another if you plan to add more than one.



To finish your look, add some jewelry and other accessories in red, white and blue. Pearls add a bit of class and sophistication to any outfit, and fit the color scheme perfectly! Scarves, bags, bracelets and cardigans all make excellent additions as well– just make sure not to go overboard: it is a barbecue after all 😉


Don’t forget to sit back, enjoy the casual atmosphere and spend some quality time with your loved ones in our amazing country!

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