Flower Power: The Hottest Trend in Pearls

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For those of us who are big pearl fans, our pearls are definitely our go-to accessory. Whether I am at a wedding or just going out for dinner, when I wear my pearls my outfit is instantaneously taken to the next level of sophistication.  But because I wear them so frequently, recently I’ve become slightly un-interested in my pearls.  The same old long strand, wrapped around my neck twice, no matter how trendy can sometimes feel a bit like old news.  You know, that been there, done that feeling, which usually results in a small shopping spree? So in order to keep things fresh (and in order to avoid a totally un-warranted shopping spree), I decided to find a new pearl trend that will help me fall in love with my pearls all over again.

Pearls are known as a classic stone for a reason. No matter what type of pearl, pearls are generally the same shapes and they all have the same feel. There beauty is timeless and so is their design. So no matter how many different pearl pieces you buy, the beauty of a pearl isn’t changing so drastically any time soon. So what’s a girl to do?  I don’t want to give up on my pearls but I need something new!

That’s when it hit me. I don’t need a new go-to accessory and I don’t need to learn how to twist my pearls in a new crazy shape, I just need a little something special to finish off my pearl pieces.  Sometimes the cherry on top or those rainbow sprinkles, makes the ice cream sundae that much more delicious. So too with our pearl pieces, the clasp can be that extra little something that cranks our pearls up a notch.

  You might be thinking, “Seriously? A clasp? Who cares?” Trust me, you do! Clasps these days aren’t just your typical round, boring, silver, or gold object that you hide behind your hair. They’re so gorgeous; you’re most likely going to want to wear them in the front.

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Lately, clasps in a flower design are all the rage. For example, take this breath-taking Eight Leaf Flower Clasp.  This clasp is way more than just a connective piece. This clasp has the ability to transform any pearl jewelry from standard to splendid. You can see for yourself; look how this clasp totally redefines the look of a pearl bracelet. Not your average pearl bracelet huh?

Photo credit: www.pearlclasp.com

A really popular trend right now is to wear the clasp to the side of a pearl necklace, giving off a more vintage, 1920’s feel. Imagine wearing this breath-taking Flower Pearl Necklace Clasp with a double stranded pearl necklace?  Stunning. Simply stunning.

Photo credit: www.pearlclasp.com
 Get more out of your pearls by adapting to the latest trends.  It’s never too late to fall in love with your pearls all over again.
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