Fashion Trends for 2013

With the holidays behind us and the new year under way, getting back to reality can be a slight bummer. There are maybe over 100 emails waiting to be read and sleeping past ten just isn’t an option anymore.  And for some reason, snow just isn’t as exciting once all the Holiday decorations are put away.

So its no surprise that with our vacation withdrawal heavy under way, we may be having a hard time looking forward to another couple of months of freezing weather.

To enjoy the moment, we need a little something we can look forward to. And there’s nothing like some mod new 2013 trends to help us move ahead into the new year.


2013 Trends| Leather and Stripes and Classics…..Oh my.

Leather|  A totally rich and bold fabric, leather makes a statement but doesn’t scream it.  If you haven’t joined the leather party yet ladies, its time you try.  Besides the typical jacket, we are seeing leather appear in some unexpected places, acting as detailing to our everyday pieces.

Tip: Buy yourself a discounted sweater or dress, take it to a seamstress and accent the straps and bottom with some leather pieces. Brilliant and chic.









Stripes| Colorful and classicly geometric, stripes are fantastic. Whether its bold stripes or simple, this pattern spices up even the most mundane pieces. Perfect for work and for play, don’t be afraid to whip out some stripes.







Classics|  Things are always changing, but the chic-factor of a classic never fades. Bring your pearls with you into 2013 by designing your own pearls or restringing them. If you see a pearl look you love, P&C can most definitely make it yours. Statement necklaces don’t seem to be leaving us any time soon, might as well make a statement with some fabulous pearls.








 Create the look you want for yourself this year. Treat yourself to a little retail therapy, 2013’s trends are just waiting for you. And for all your pearl needs, your devoted dears at Pearl & Clasp are ready to assist you into the new year.

Get ready ladies! Its gonna be a fabulous year.


P & C

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