Everyday Tips for Flawless Fashion

We all see or even personally know women who always look great. Not just their makeup or their clothes, but their demeanor and entire outfits just look consistently put together and unrushed. There is definitely a personality that does this better, but with a little bit of planning and self awareness, that can be you as well!


Want to give it a try? Here are some things to think about:

  1. They are actually unrushed. How? By trying on and planning their outfits the night before, and waking up with plenty of time to get ready for the day. Set an alarm and place it far from your bed, so that you need to get up in order to turn it off. Don’t be tempted by the snooze button! Once you’re up, wash your face, do some stretches and have a drink of fresh juice or even a coffee, if you prefer. Take your time doing your hair and makeup. Giving your body and mind some time to wake up will keep you more efficient and less stressed throughout the day, and it will show!
  2. Good underwear is important. Your comfort goes a long way for your look, so be sure to wear a bra that fits you well, sits comfortably and does not show under your clothes. Same goes for other undergarments! Don’t wear anything to dark under light tops or pant, and consider wearing unlined pieces under flimsier fabrics.
  3. Dress for the weather. Your outfit may look great, but if you are forced to throw on someone else’s sweatshirt or remove layers because you were unprepared for indoor heating, your style will take a hit. The best dressers make sure to plan outfits that will suit their every need- regardless of the weather. Plan layers that look great together, but can also stand alone, so that you are never caught off guard.
  4. Know your audience. A subtle advantage that stylish people have is the ability to dress appropriately for every occasion. Before you plan your outfits, think about who you will be interacting with throughout the day/evening. Make sure that your choice reflects that atmosphere you’re heading into, and that you won’t feel uncomfortable or out-of-place in a shorter skirt, formal top or whatever other attire you intend to wear. Jewelry is a great way to add some subtle glam to any look!
  5. Never underestimate accessories. If your outfit is a canvas, your accessories are the art, so be sure to put some thought into them! Choose pieces that will compliment your outfit as a whole, such as pearl earrings, a great bag and a hat. Scarves, belts, necklaces and sunglasses all make excellent additions as well.

Are you ready to try these tips? Good luck!!

Until next time,



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