How to Look Effortlessly Chic

Hello ladies! If you work at an office with a dress code, be it official or unspoken, it can be hard to channel your inner fashion queen. And yet… We always see those people who have a way of looking fashionable and unique while wearing the same pant suits day after day. We’ve been scouring the internet for their secret, and have come across a few techniques that will immediately make you look more chic without adding precious minutes to your morning prep. Intrigued?


Check these out!

Wearing heels with your pants? Try this casual cuff roll. Fold up an inch or two from the bottom and then fold again, making sure to leave the hemline peeking out at the top. Don’t overthink it, the magic is in the imperfection. This trick works well with ballet flats or sandals as well, to show off your shoes or to bring a bit of polish to a pair of jeans.

Tucking in your blouse is so underrated, and can immediately bring your look up a notch. But too put together can be boring or feel out of place, which is why you should be trying the half-tuck! Best of both worlds, really. There are a few ways to do this, but our sources tell us that the most popular styles today are the Editor Shirt Tuck and the Frat Shirt Tuck. To master the first, just tuck one side of your shirt in at the front, usually the panel that lies beneath the buttons. For the latter, tuck in the whole front and leave the back half untucked for some casual sophistication. Both options accent your waist without looking too formal. Add a pearl bracelet for some feminine flair and you’re good to go!

Another way to personalize your look is by rolling up your sleeves like a pro. If you love the slouchier, laid-back style of pushed-up sleeves, here’s a tip that will literally change your life: use rubberbands! This works for practically any top, be it a blazer, cardigan or button-down blouse. Place one on each arm and push up with your sleeves, taking care to hide the elastic in one of the creases. You’ll get the effortless look without having to constantly adjust your sleeves throughout the day. Looking for something even more high-fashion? Open the button at the cuff and foldthe entire sleeve in half, pulling it up until the middle of your upper arm. Now fold the bottom up to hold it in place and voila!

Accessorize! Think of your outfit as a blank canvas, and don’t be afraid to add a bit of color. Try jewelry, handbags, bright make up or updos to add some interest.

What are your favorite work-wear tricks?

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