The Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

Christmas may have passed (*sob*), but New Year’s is right around the corner! We’re sure you’re already prepping for the party (or parties!) that come along with it. While some get-togethers really require a whole new ensemble, we believe that great accessories and makeup are really all it takes to stand out at a party. For New Year’s Eve, pick out one of your favorite black or other solid colored dresses, and use it like a blank canvas. Today, we’re going to focus on EARRINGS. We know we say it all the time, but jewelry is so important for your final look! Here’s how to choose the perfect pair for New Year’s, based on your face shape:

Diamond  Face Shape:

If your forehead and chin are a bit narrower than your cheekbones, balance the space with a pair of bold, wide earrings that fall near your jawline. Round, dangly styles are perfect for you!

diamond face

Heart Face Shape:

If you have a heart-shaped face, you have prominent cheekbones, an angular jawline and a pointy chin. Complement your natural shape with teardrop earrings, which are lighter at the top with a bit more weight on the bottom.

heart face

Oval Face Shape:

Like with haircuts, oval faces are flexible and can be paired with virtually any style. Studs, teardrops, hoops and circle earrings all look great with this shape! Avoid earrings that are very long, as they will create an illusion of an even longer face.

oval face

Square Face Shape:

Square faces have strong jawlines, with foreheads, jawlines and chins that are approximately the same width. Soften your lines a bit with some round or curved earrings, or even better, earrings with multiple layers or tiers.

square face

Round Face Shape:

If your face is round, its width and length are around the same. Faces like yours look amazing with long, thin earrings! Try something bold for New Year’s- you won’t regret it!

round face

Triangle Face Shape:

If your jawbone is wider than your forehead, your face is triangular. Flatter your features with dramatic hoops or studs, and don’t forget a beautiful smile!

triangle face

Inverted Triangle Face Shape:

The opposite of the triangle face, the inverted triangle has a wider forehead, and narrow cheeks. Try earrings with extra weight at the bottom, like teardrop or chandeliers.

inverted face


What’s your favorite earring style?

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