The Perfect Pair: Earrings and Hair

Despite from all of the rain we’ve been having, May is finally here — and we can’t wait to get a reprieve from April showers. In addition to the wet weather we’ve been having, the warm weather and humidity to come can wreak havoc on our shiny, luscious locks. Luckily, this season’s hairstyle trends leave plenty of room for us to let the sun in and even the salt water as well. Here are some of our go-to hairstyles for summer, along with the earrings we’d pair with them.

1. Beachy waves: whether you braid your hair before bed or just tousle it with some salt water spritz when you wake up, the ultimate hairstyle for the lazy is back this spring. We think it looks awesome for day or night, paired with a smokey eye and an alluring dress. For daytime, pair it with button pearl earrings and for night, black pearls.

2. Low ponytail: combat bad hair days with a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Casual and cute, this look can be polished when you finish it off with a high-gloss hairspray for some extra shine. The best part about this look? With an extra emergency hair tie in your purse or desk drawer, this is a style you don’t need to be savvy to create. These dangling pearl earrings are wild enough to draw attention to your face, and your hairstyle will show them off perfectly.


3. Long and straight: Blow dry your hair straight to give a luxurious, off-duty model look. Perfect for any complexion or hair color, this look can easily switch from day to night. Keep in mind though, your hair’s condition matters. Treat yourself to repair therapy treatments to keep your locks shiny. These pearl chain earrings won’t compete with your hairstyle — but they’ll definitely turn some heads.


4. Super short: No muss, no fuss, short haircuts range all over the style spectrum this summer. From the classic bob to pixie to barely-there close crops, short hair can be just as stylish and versatile as its longer counterpart. Pair this punk-rock look with these unique, one of a kind double diamond pearl earrings.


5. Braids and plaits: From the fishtail to the waterfall, braids can be casual or black tie. This summer, we’re seeing plaits all over the spectrum, from a fishtail pony to a braided-crown updo. For this look, pick earrings that match your destination. These flower pearl earrings are modern and whimsical, perfect for an easy, boho-inspired look.



What’s your go-to hairstyle for summer? What about a night out on the town? Let us know in the comments.


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